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10 Most Important Factors in a Successful Web Presence 

1.  Know who your audience is.
     Identify their prejudices, knowledge level, 'hot-buttons', and goals.
All too often,
      a web site is designed for the CEO and not the prospect or customer.

2.  Identify your goals.
Know exactly what you want your audience to know, feel, think, and do after viewing your site.

3.   Prepare.
       Utilize your resources - time, knowledge, words & technology - 
       to organize content and build a site that delivers a succinct message. 

4.   Communicate benefits, not features.
       Talk about what's important to them, not what's important to you!

5.   Keep it Simple.
       The audience will have a better chance of understanding and retaining your information.

6.   Be Passionate!
       If you aren't excited about your subject, they won't be! 

7.   Involve the audience.
       They'll be flattered; it demonstrates that you've done your homework;
       and they can't help but pay close attention. 

8.   Utilize a variety of resources to support your content.
Don't just build your site around easily created pages.

9.   View your site as a visitor.
       If you take off your hat - and look at it as a customer,
       you'll continue refining, improving, and making it perfect.

10.  No amount of technology can be substituted for the above.
, Frontpage,  and Dreamweaver are wonderful tools -
        but they don't do any of these things for you!


Copyright 2001 ICOM Incorporated

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