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Webcasting is a wonderful new technology enabling executives to address dozens or thousands of people without any travel expense, lodging expense or time away from 'the office'.  Viewers with standard PC's can view live video, listen to audio and view PowerPoint 'slides' right at their desk or in a conference room.  A webcast can originate in your office or in ICOM's webcasting studio at a fraction of normal meeting costs. 


It is tempting to seek out the latest technology and assume that IT will make your presentation better . . . . but we believe Robert Lindstrom says it succinctly in his book,  The Business Week Guide to Multimedia Presentations  with his four rules for producing good multimedia presentations.

            Rule #1: Have something to say.

            Rule #2: Say it clearly.

            Rule #3: Say it like you mean it.

            Rule #4: No amount of technology
                           can help you with Rule #1.

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