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Expand Your Sales Opportunities - NOW!
Nearly 29 million people bought gifts online during the 2001 holiday shopping season.

It's often said that anything can be sold on the Internet, and we believe it. If you produce a product, or provide a service, you're missing tremendous opportunities by not offering them via the Internet. Online commerce has grown by as much as 45% per year, the last 4 years. Establish sales outlets in every city and even sell internationally.


More and more, buyers are checking the internet for everything from Appliances to Windows and Cars to Yard Tools.

The Internet is the fastest growing source of mail order sales. It's estimated that consumers spent $44.5 billion on Internet-based goods and services in 2000 - $11.5 billion alone during the 2000 holiday shopping season. The explosive growth in the goods and services sold online has in the past, taken many online sellers by surprise.


It's a good bet that if you don't sell your product or service on the Internet, your competition does.


Do It Right
Being on the internet is the first step, doing it right is just as important. Because customers can click on and off your site easier than they can drive to your competition, you must be sure you make buying easy in such as way as to give the customer confidence they will be pleased with their purchase and the follow up service.  If your site doesn't project a professional image, the customer will move to one that does.


Sales & Commerce
Extensive corporate sites that involve high-volume sales and database interactivity vary considerably.

Custom Design
Major sites can contain hundreds of pages with unique information presentation, user interactivity and databases.

The need for constant updating varies with the content and interactivity - such as inventory display, shipping information etc.

Customized Information Delivery
Major sites may need other components such as video clip playback, coursework & testing, live video display, or chat-room activities.

$4,000 - $30,000 Initial Fee
Consultation, Custom design,
fees, sales configuration

Monthly fee by quotation
Hosting, updates, monitoring,
statistics, auto-responders,
secure ordering etc.

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