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Tell Your Story

If you have a small or medium size company and want to provide information to clients, customers and prospects, this plan is for you. Print your internet address on business cards, letterheads, etc. and direct prospects to your website.   Here you can provide details of your products, services or organization.  When you make a contact, you don't always have an opportunity to tell your story in detail. Having a Basic web site gives you a concise yet comprehensive presence that anyone can access 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.

Two Way Communications

Also, get feedback from your customers and members.  We will establish feedback forms that those who visit will be able to use to provide you with their questions and comments. We've found that most people will utilize an online form before they will take the time to write a letter and mail it. This means that you can quickly measure the effectiveness of promotions, projects, etc. This service will also help you build rapport with your customers. They will appreciate the fact that you value their opinions and you can reply to their comments in minutes, not days or weeks. Also, online forms can be used to gather information necessary to draft a proposal or build a mailing list for follow-up.


Domain Name Research & Registration

Consultation to determine the most appropriate ‘.com’, or '.org',  name available, and Registration of your  name.

Search Engine Submissions
Regularly and sensibly submitting your site to the important search ‘engines’ means that your site will be found more often.

e-mail addresses
You may have 5 distinct e-mail accounts (yourname@yourdomain.com).

This site is limited to 10 web pages.

Site Hosting + Monitoring & Updating
Regular monitoring is a part of our service to assure that your site is operating as designed with Quarterly updates.

$800- $1000 Initial Fee
Consultation, design, fees

$150 - $200/month
Hosting, updates, monitoring & statistics

Annual Contract



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